• Elevator Modernization


Have an old, out of date or dysfunctional elevator? Mills Builder will evaluate your elevator and make repairs, improvements, and updates to any or all components to bring it up to current standards.
If your elevators are 10 or more years old, your building has changed, you’re receiving complaints, or you’re planning to sell your building, Mills Builder has the elevator modernization solution for you. Our elevator modernization services will improve your equipment’s reliability, performance, and aesthetics, making your elevator safer, more efficient and more attractive, with lower waiting times, more comfort and better reliability.

Mills Builder Elevator Services:

Controls & Systems:

  • Non-Proprietary microprocessor technology on all systems installed
  • More efficient dispatching and less wait time for an elevator
  • Improved ride quality and leveling accuracy

Doors & Operations:

  • Solid state control technology
  • Position and velocity feedback for consistent operation

Signals & Fixtures:

  • Fully ADA compliant
  • Ascetically designed and vandal resistant

Cab / Interior:

  • Many flexible designs are available to fit within your budget